Engineering Editing

Understanding the subject matter is vital for a good edit. That is why an engineer is the best kind of editor for engineering materials. Let me be that editor.

For Journal Papers

I am happy to edit journal papers for students, professors, and professionals. I can provide:

  • Proofreading: This is a light pass of a nearly finished and already formatted document looking for errors that slipped through the cracks, formatting problems, typos, and punctuation flaws.
  • Copy Editing: This is a detailed pass looking at typos, spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. A paper that has gone through a copy edit should be read through once more for errors introduced in the correction phase, but should otherwise be ready for publication.
  • Developmental Editing: This is a more comprehensive look at a paper, reviewing structure and logic as well as all copy editing factors. For newer writers and those who are not native to English, this is a good editing level for you.

College Papers

I am happy to edit college papers and dissertations for graduate students of engineering, but only with the permission of your professor. With your professor, I will discuss the level of editing permitted by your school before beginning any project. My goal is to help provide a clean, clear document without grammatical or formatting errors. This does not include writing the paper for you or providing the guidance that should be provided by your advisers.

Non-Native English Speakers

For those not native to English, papers will always be more of a challenge. Even when you can easily communicate verbally, there are more rules and challenges when writing your words down. I have several years experience helping non -native English speakers polish their papers to the same level as native English speakers.

Editing for non-native English speakers will cover grammar, sentence structure, logic flow, spelling, and everything else covered in a copy edit or developmental edit. I will also include comments in the edited text pointing out common errors and ways to help you improve your writing. My goal when working with a non-native English speaker is to not only polish this paper but help the author have an easier time with the next paper.

So pick the type of edit you need and contact me for a quote.