Fiction Editing

Every project needs a different degree of editing. Some novels need a deep review of story and plot. Other works only needs an eye to review and clean up small errors and inconsistencies. Read the explanations below to identify what level of editing you need, then contact me for a quote on your novel.

Developmental Edit:

A developmental edit is for when you need help taking the next step with your story. I will read through the whole document, looking for both line-by-line errors and big picture improvements. Plot holes, character inconsistencies, flat dialogue, telling, and bloated writing are all elements I’ll be looking for. Each problem will be provided a possible solution and techniques for improving your writing will be included in the comments.

Developmental editing costs more, but provides an in-depth review of every element of story and character. You’ll know where you novel works, and where it doesn’t. When you’re stuck, and you know it’s just not ready, this is the edit for you.

Manuscript Review:

If you’re not quite sure where your writing needs work, but don’t want to pay full price for a developmental edit, consider a manuscript review. I’ll read your entire manuscript and provide a 1 to 5 page report (depending on the length of your manuscript and level of work required) detailing where your strengths and weaknesses are.

This report will include discussions of character development, plotting, pacing, dialog, writing mechanics, POV, voice, and more. A manuscript review won’t tell you exactly how to improve your project, but it will point out what works and what doesn’t at a very reasonable price.

Copy Edit:

Copy editing, or line editing, is what you need when your story is ready for the next step, publication or querying agents. I will read through your novel looking for typos, grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes, and any remaining inconsistencies.

There’s always something your word processor won’t catch, or some error in timeline or action that you missed in previous rounds. Let me catch these for you so your readers or agent don’t have to see them.


The last step before publication is a proofread. This is one last chance to catch typos and punctuation errors. You’ve looked through your novel so many times that you know what should be there and just can’t see the errors that are there. This is how little errors slip through. Let me check everything over with fresh eyes before your novel goes out. This is also your chance to check for formatting errors in the final document, before each line is fixed in its published form.

What File Formats Are Accepted?

I will edit any document in Word using track changes and providing extensive comments using the built-in comment function. I use Word 2010 and can handle projects in .doc and .docx.

I can also handle documents in Open Office. This program provides a similar track changes and commenting system.

I will edit hard copies if that is what you prefer, but the cost of shipping the document will be included in your invoice.

PDFs are only accepted for proofreading. I will provide a Word document listing page numbers, the error from the text, and the correction. All you need to do is go to the page stated, or use the find function with the copied sentence with the error, and make the change in your source document.

Contact me for a quote on your project. Let’s get started.