Heather is an excellent editor, with a keen eye for language and composition. Any manuscript she edits will be much better.  She’ll have your document back to you before you know it, and she’s a real joy to work with. I’m looking forward to hiring her again.

Marte Brengle

Heather has been editing my work for more than a year and I am totally satisfied. Like my work, under her tutelage your content will improve greatly. If you follow her advice, you will move up your learning curve and grow enormously as a writer, even as she helps you perfect your current projects. Not only does she know the rules for writing fiction, from speech tags to layout, from tenses to pronoun confusion, and many more, but her spelling and grammar are exemplary. I believe that her greatest value is in her ability to analyze a story and figure out where it’s not working and why. She will pick out the weaknesses in your characters, the plot, the flow, your dialog, the ending, and most important of all, the beginning. You won’t be disappointed.

- Peter Jessup, April 5, 2012

Heather Coman’s got an eye for finding imperfections in a manuscript and helping you find a way to improve it. My advice? If you want to improve your manuscript, get in touch with her today.

Ron Leighton

Heather went well beyond correct grammar, she helped guide my story line to convey the message that I always envisioned but couldn’t quite pull together.  Nothing gets past her.  An embarrassing contradiction separated by a chapter, she would still snag it.

- Peter Shikli